Fuzzy Logic curated by Simon Fennessy Corcoran was a collaboration between two 126 artists and two Studio 12 artists. Simon contacted me and invited me to participate in this exhibition which culminated in two shows; the first in Studio 12, Cork and the second in 126 Gallery Galway.

Exhibition: Fuzzy Logic - Opened September 3rd 2020

Collaboration between 126 Galway & Backwater Artists Group.

Studio 12, Cork

The DreamCatcher is a Native American symbol that absorbs negative dreams. Conversely, in an abusive relationship dreams are stifled by a barrier of suppression and all that remains is the negative consequences of abuse where victims are silenced and paralysed by shame; it takes immense strength to endure these conditions on a daily basis.

Chests and Drawers with their fake bottoms are referred to by Gaston Bachelard in ‘The Poetics of Space’ as ‘veritable organs of the secret psychological life’. Certainly within the realm of Domestic Abuse secret lives exist. The drawer here exists without its chest, its nakedness vulnerable, its interior exposed and merged with the exterior space of the home. Its mystery is violated and its secrets exposed. Red, a recurring theme within the installation communicates several opposing connotations that create a paradox within the work, red warns of imminent danger but also signals strength and determination, this work serves to remind us of the strength and character it takes for somebody to navigate such a tumultuous environment. 

Exhibition: Fuzzy Logic - Opened May 19th 2021

Collaboration between 126 Galway & Backwater Artists Group.

Venue: 126 Galway

As with its initial viewing in Studio 12 in 2020, DreamCatcher was revisited and another piece was added for the exhibition in 126. Keeping within the original theme of red and what that signals, I constructed a light box with a large hand-stitched ensemble that hangs over it, this addition was placed in the centre of the two current pieces, like an interruption in the dream sequence; I envision this piece as a representation of the female’s strength as she tries to breakthrough the cycle of abuse. This work continues to serve as a tangible reminder of the strength and character it takes for somebody to navigate such a tumultuous environment.