Exhibitions 2013-2018

June 8th - June 15th 2018

"You Have Been Given a Second Chance" 

Sailors Home,Limerick
  STREAM Project



May 22th - August 11th 2018


The RHA Gallery,Dublin
  The 188th Annual Exhibition 2018



December 14th 2017 - January 20th 2018


RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre,Tallaght

Expired is a piece of work that despite its beauty holds an underlying unpleasant aura. Marbles was in the past, a common childhood game but also synonymous with the phrase coined that implicates that one was losing their mind. The material rendering of the work draws a resemblance to a grave like physicality.  

expired expired
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July 6th - August 6th 2017

"Memories of Home" 

The Model,Sligo



November 7th - December 23rd 2016

"Memories of Home" 

RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre,Tallaght

This work is a reflection on a trauma that was borne from a single hideous act of betrayal, hidden within the domestic sphere. The physical trauma itself has passed but the memory of that trauma continues to persist.

Holding cinematic reference, this piece becomes a hybrid object through its mish-mash of domestic memoirs that transcends into the surrounding space. Its upturned self alludes to an unresolved trauma and its filmic trait is indicative of the minds ability to create alternative realities that can be crucial to its survival.

Technology penetrates the very core of the work, a sensor detects motion through a change in body heat, resulting in the LEDS been triggered. This inter-connectivity is important because it invites the viewer to participate in the work and become an integral part of that environment.


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February 2016

  Artists Books Limerick Exhibition; Limerick School of Art & Design

These books display a series of one-off original pinhole photographs taken with various homemade cameras. These pinholes reflect on a period in my life where all hope felt lost and my sanity was masked by an enormous sense of betrayal.

Included with these books are cardboard templates complete with instructions on how the reader can make their own pinhole camera.

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September 2015

"Hybrid Allusions"
Dawn 2015 Exhibition University of Limerick

Hybrid Allusions is a project that aims to re-interpret the everyday using found materials combined with interactive technology in an artistic way. This project aims to dispel the notion of what people assume to be interactive art, involving traditional screens and a pre-supposed virtuality. This project was motivated by the changing structure of the everyday environment and contemplated on how the body navigated this environment. In considering the physical environment,this project strives to achieve a balance between art and interaction,between personal space and collective space, and between the cyber-world and the physical world. The concept for this project developed upon a theoretical framework that explored themes of space and place by addressing the phenomenological importance of space in relation to the body’s navigation of it and the actions performed within it.

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May 2015

The Undergraduate Awards / LSAD Exhibition

The exhibition was the first art exhibition of its kind: a series of exhibitions taking place over the course of 7 weeks, from May 8th - June 28th, across six higher education institutions of art and design in four countries: Ireland, Scotland, Singapore and Australia. The institutions displayed the work of their past and current students who were either winners or highly commended entrants to the The Undergraduate Awards. Institutions taking part: Australian National University, Australia, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland, Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, National College of Art and Design, Ireland, University of Dundee, Scotland.


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May 8th - June 28th 2015

The Undergraduate Awards / Online Exhibition 

Aligned is the first art exhibition of its kind, celebrating top undergraduate artistry and design on a global platform. The Undergraduate Awards is the world’s only international, pan-disciplinary academic awards programme. Six exciting exhibitions taking place in universities across four countries; the work will be hosted centrally through undergraduateawards.com and will be promoted across all social media.

Executive Director of The Undergraduate Awards, Louise Hodgson says “This is the first international art exhibition of its kind – being hosted virtually as well as on campuses around the world, but I have to admit: I’m mostly excited about displaying so many emerging Irish artists to a global audience. This is a huge opportunity for them.”

The 13 artists taking part in this exciting global event are:

Elizabeth Burgess, Limerick School of Art and Design, Ireland
Lorraine Cleary, Limerick School of Art and Design, Ireland
Padraig Conway, National College of Art and Design, Ireland
Avril Corroon, National College of Art and Design, Ireland
Martha Daly, National College of Art and Design, Ireland
Jen Fullerton, Australian National University, Australia
Mandi Halonen, University of Dundee, Scotland
Wilfred Lim, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Aisling Reddin, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Emily Robards, Limerick School of Art and Design, Ireland
Kho Ruiwei, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Katie Watchorn, National College of Art and Design, Ireland
Nicola Whelan, National College of Art and Design, Ireland

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May 13th-30th June 2015.

"The Chrono Illuminator Spoke Blaster" as part of 'Steampunk' at The Hunt Museum

This project was based on the collection of Maceheads found in the weaponry section of the Hunt Museum. These fascinating artifacts were attached to the end of a spear; and the spear when launched moves through the air, forming trajectories in space. The aim behind this project was to make a retro-futuristic weapon out of discarded materials, a commentary on the continuous waste produced by current society. The finished piece employs a tension between the delicacy of its construction and its intended function as a weapon.

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April 2015

"The Chrono Illuminator Spoke Blaster" as part of
Steampunk'd Exhibition at the Bourn Vincent Gallery.

This work was ultimately created from 9 bike chains and 2 umbrellas.



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June 2014

"Mise en Scene"
Degree Show/ LSAD

Mise en scene is defined as the arrangement of visual compositional elements and movements within a given space.

This Degree Show piece consisted of 7 individual floor installations and 12 homemade light projectors that were positioned on the three walls of the space, but worked together as a whole. A movement between the past and the present was apparent in the work. A live feed ran off an android tablet, which was projected onto one of the installs. A second projection was a pre-recorded version of the space while been constructed along with the sound of the space at that time. The projectors contained either a fake camera, a snake camera that was powered but was not functioning as a camera, and a sound piece.

This work uses the stylistic qualities inherent to the medium of film, and the element of sound to interrogate what is real.  Re-framing the frame in a reconfiguration of the filmic space through the creation of filmic devices that challenge the traditional cinematic space.

Discarded materials that already possess a recognizable function, and hold an alternative history have been transformed from their humble origins into cinematic devices that frame space or suggest implied spaces. Resulting in the creation of a mimetic framework that exposes the tension that exists between the objects previous existence and its transformed state.

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LSAD Drawing Awards 2014
Curated by Nevan Lahart.



April 2013


Group Exhibition ‘Nineteen’ curated by Bernadine Carroll, at Davis Street, Limerick City

2nd April 2013.

The Preservation Order put in place at the commencement of Renovation, the Stairs was to be preserved. Its integrity to remain in tact, its atmosphere and mood maintained.

The Stairs was to remain untouched with nothing added to the space with the exception of a sound piece that was to be recorded from the noise of renovation.

The sound was contained to the stair area. Carpet taken up during renovation from the room adjacent to the stairs and was used to line the walls beneath the stairs enabling sound to be contained and preserve the integrity of the space.

The viewer was unaware of the Amplification that was hidden underneath the stairs allowing for the vibrations to penetrate the stairs. As the viewer ascends/descends the stairs the vibrations can be felt by the body. Sound fills the space and has a physical resonance on the body allowing the mind to recall memories from another time and place.

The viewer experiences not just observes.

The experience begins as the viewer enters through the door at the bottom of the stairs. The “Act of entering” draws on the concept of a “Lived experience” from the study of phenomenology where the study of inhabited space is foremost. 

The “Act of Entry”,crossing the threshold into the interior setting cements the mental and the physical world into a fully integrated experience.

Ascending the stairs implies an exit from the public sphere to a private one.

Descending the stairs announces entry into the public one.

The phenomenological ‘Act of Looking’ out the window cements a ‘Lived Experience’.

Note: The terms "the Act of Looking/Entering" are terms associated with the writing of Finish Architect Juhanni Pallasmaa. Reference: Pallasmaa, J., 1994. Identity, Intimacy and Domicile - Notes on the Phenomenology of Home. The Home: Words, Interpretations, Meanings, and Environments, pp.131–147. http://www.uiah.fi/studies/history2/e_ident.htm

The Plaque pictured below was created from a portion of the old ‘Treaty Cabs’ signage.

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