Super 8 Film

These are extracts from my experimentation with film Super 8 footage that I shot, using Kodak Tri-x 7266 black & white reversal film. I developed the film as negative stock using Agfa Rodinal at 1:50 concentration for 15mins.  

Extract 1 - Super 8 extract from my experimental footage of The Clock Tower

This is experimental footage of my documentation of The Clock Tower during its transformation.

Extract 2 - Screen Rolls

The role of this film piece is to consider the traditional methods of cinema where the film is projected onto a white screen, this film attempts to reconfigure the filmic space in an act of reversal where the screen rolls over the image projected.

Extract 3 - Extract from Screen Copies

Screen Copies is a super 8 film resulting from filming a traditional screen.  In editing (a physical process NOT digital) I experimented with layering and removal of the screen. The film questions which screen is real, which screen is the copy and begins to challenge the traditional role of cinema.

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Animation with computer screen.

This video is an animation of an experimental installation where my super 8 film is visible playing on the computer screen. The film exists within itself, it exists on the computer screen as it plays, it exists as part of the animation. It becomes a video within a video, within a video.

Animation with hand.

This video is an animation, subverting the in-between in an intervention between the projection and the projected image.