Torn is a psychological video piece incorporating a performative action that attempts to convey mental anguish borne from my experience with Stillbirth.

This experience however unwanted trust upon me the privileged position where I felt death enter my body and displace the life inside forcing me to come to terms with part of my body entering into a permanent sleep and the remainder to continue in the waking world. 

Using the symbolic qualities of water and a subtle performative element along with subdued lighting as a means to express these wrought emotions and enable a transition from the private sphere to a public one.  

Bill Viola is an artist with whom I can identify with, he strives to capture human experience but on a more generic level than I have.  Torn is about a specific experience of mine, which makes my involvement fundamental to the making of the piece.  Viola uses actors in his huge theatrical productions where he avails of extreme slow motion.  It was important that Torn was not sped up or slowed down, that the raw emotion expressed was as real as possible.

While Torn is a deeply personal piece of work, it does not isolate the viewer but allows the viewer to take their own interpretation from it and lend that to their own experiences.

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March 2013.


A Voyage Exhibition, Shannon Rowing Club, Limerick.

Exhibited as part of 'A Voyage' Video &  Performance night in conjunction with Oscar McLennan at the Shannon Rowing Club, Sarsfield Bridge, Limerick.

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