Vessels of Strength: She - Her - Womb - Warrior

The Excel Gallery Tipperary: June 2022


Women continue to combat patriarchal injustice; it is exhausting but the fight, not just for equality but the right to bodily autonomy and safety still exists. Vessels of Strength: She Her Womb Warrior stands as an emblem for female solidarity and presents us with a spectacle of hand-stitched patches from hundreds of female garments. This method of stitching is an arduous process and the work took over 3 years to make culminating in 365 individual ensembles, to represent Her fight on each day of the year. Every item of clothing is pre-owned and therefore has an alternative history attached to it.  We are not privy to this history but each hand-stitched ensemble attempts to convey to us a story of Her.  In essence each vessel has undergone substantial transformation through deconstruction and reconstruction and therefore becomes a type of monument to Her. It is a piece that addresses the strength of women as they navigate abusive environments on a daily basis, the home been the place where most abuse occurs. Women become trapped within those walls, the home is essentially a prison of sorts but SHE strives to survive and overcome oppression. Vessels of Strength She Her Womb Warrior stands as an emblem for female solidarity; SHE & HER stand strong together, united. The work is a form of protest, embracing traditional craft as a method to draw attention to Her, and a form of demonstration against past grievances; they become in totality,vessels of strength.